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 Law Enforcement and Corporate Interviewers

Chief Rhoads is undeniably one of the leading internationally recognized experts in the field of Interview and Interrogation, Subconscious Communication® and Body Language.



"This is just a representative sample of the hundreds of comments sent to us. From police, corrections, probation/parole, and prosecutors from around the globe the validation of the effectiveness of our material is universal."

"Four days after attending your class I was involved in interviewing and interrogating a suspect in a homicide.
Using the things you taught me I was able to know when the suspect was lying. He went from complete denial of knowing the victim, to being there once before, and then he gave it all up and gave a written and video taped confession. Thanks a million!!! Things the suspect said, and did, would not have meant a thing to me before I took your class. "

- Investigator R. T.
 Jasper County, MO Sheriffs Department


"I have had the good fortune to attend numerous Law Enforcement training classes during my career, for example:
FBI, OSBI, OBNDD, and those instructed by my own agency. YOURS was the best. You teach with energy and conviction. You have walked in the “boots” of your audience and truly understand the problems they face. You offer advice and guidance that will not only assist with the duties of being a police officer but, also those duties of belonging to the human race. Thank you for your time and knowledge Sir."

- Lt. T. L.
 Oklahoma City, OK Police Department


"Thank you ever so much for your excellent presentation.
Even with 27 years as a State Trooper and 3 years as a State Liquor agent, your presentation provided new insights and inspirations. Your knowledge and experience as a professional law enforcement officer was evident throughout the course and added greatly to the application of the material. I will be able to use the material on every encounter I have be it on traffic stops or in my personal life. We will meet again one day! Thank you!"

- Trooper C. B.
 Ohio State Police


"Simply the best training program of any type I have attended in 25 years of policing!
I recommend it to anyone who is involved in the criminal justice system."

- Sergeant E.M.
 Seattle. WA, Police Department


"I have attended all of the nationally recognized training in Interview and Interrogation
in my pursuit of excellence in the field and while each class has provided me with tools for the tool box your class is head and shoulders above the rest. If an officer had to go to just one class this would be it. I am anxious to use the material in all of my investigations."

- Detective R. R.
 Tuscaloosa, AL Police Department


"As a Probation and Parole Agent I spend all day interviewing violators.
This class has given me material that I had never considered and allows me to be much more effective in my duties. The segment on personality assessment and theme building has helped me to be much more persuasive as I get the client to buy into their court ordered requirements. I wish I had this course when I first started the job as it would have saved me lots of time and energy over the years! This course should be mandatory for all of our agents in Probation and Parole."

- Agent L.S
 Louisiana Probation and Parole


"We have sent many of our prosecutors to both your class and the ..... course.
All agreed your program was superior in content and usefulness to them in their duties. They said they had to work harder in your course which made it more meaningful. Just wanted you to know."

- Chief Prosecutor T.W.
 Harris County, TX, District Attorney’s Office


"I recently took your class and wanted to tell you thanks.
I am an internal affairs investigator for the IA Department of Corrections, the old one in the class, and was not relishing having to attend another interview class, especially away from home. As the week progressed it became very apparent to me that the material you taught was new and had application in every thing I do as an investigator working with the inmates or staff. I walked out of the class with techniques that had never occurred to me before. I am grateful for the opportunity and thank you for your excellent presentation."

- Investigator A. S.
 IA Department of Corrections

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