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Training Communication Professionals
 Law Enforcement and Corporate Interviewers

Chief Rhoads is undeniably one of the leading internationally recognized experts in the field of Interview and Interrogation, Subconscious Communication® and Body Language.


Subconsious Communications - Systemative Interviewing
  Course - Systematic Interviewing®

Who Should Attend:

Human Resource Personnel

  • Employee Counselors
  • Investigators of Internal Complaints, such as sexual harrasment
  • Private Investigators
  • Corporate Security
  • Insurance Fraud Investigators
  • Anyone wanting to improve their ability to solicit information in the interview process

This course is designed for corporate personnel who need to gather and evaluate information in a timely manner for the resolution of complaints or to determine the validity of statements made by others.  The program is beneficial for those conducting hiring interviews by outlining question typology and the evaluation of information provided by the applicant.  For those investigating complaints, whether of a potential criminal nature or internal investigation, it is essential in learning how best to determine the involvement of others and most importantly refine techniques to gain admissions of involvement or to counter deceptive statements made by those responsible.  The goal of this program is to provide the attendee with the ability to more successfully gather information from interviewees and to use that data to determine hiring suitability, culpability of violators, or to resolve conflicting accounts of an event.

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