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Chief Rhoads is undeniably one of the leading internationally recognized experts in the field of Interview and Interrogation, Subconscious Communication® and Body Language.


  Subconsious Communication Training Institute - Staff

All personnel of Subconsious Communication Training Institute have a strong academic background, most with Masters Degrees or better, but more importantly are qualified experienced practitioners. The staff are truly "been there, done that" individuals who are recognized as experts in their fields.
Contrary to many presenters who attend a program and then pass on the information to students, our staff can assist you, not only in the training process or consulting role, but are available for all aspects of follow-up scrutiny. They are certified experts in courts of law throughout the United States and stand ready to share that knowledge and those experiences with your personnel in a professional, integrity first environment. If you are looking for an entire program or a speaker as part of a conference, Subconsious Communication Training Institute provides the nation's very best.

Whether you seek a short hour length speech or a week long presentation our staff has academic credentials, supported by years of practical experience, to provide a superior training experience!

Chief Steven A. RhoadsChief S. A. Rhoads,
Ph.D. Behavioral Science
President and Founder

Chief Rhoads is undeniably one of the leading internationally recognized experts in the field of Interview and Interrogation, Subconscious Communication® and Body Language. An acknowledged leader in the law enforcement community he serves on several committees at the International, State and Local level. He is a certified police instructor in 17 States and has presented his material to agencies in all 50 states, every federal law enforcement agency and students from 67 foreign countries. Dr. Rhoads has served as an expert witness in court proceedings concerning these topics and the subject of physiological testing utilized in Driving Under the Influence cases. Rhoads has been recognized for solving many major felony crimes in several differing jurisdictions, including Senate Resolutions in the States of Mississippi and Illinois, using his Subconscious Communication® techniques. Chief Rhoads is a 3-time recipient of the Medal of Valor and numerous other awards and commendations. His techniques and successful application of these theories have been featured in newspapers throughout the US, he has served as a consultant to the "Montel" show, NBC and FOX television and has been featured in articles in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, Women's World Magazine and others. Steve Rhoads is a pilot, advanced scuba diver, amateur magician and professional rodeo clown.

Cliff Porter

Cliff Porter is an active member of law enforcement as are all of the staff at  In his 21 years of experience thus far, he has worked in patrol operations, sex crimes, property crimes, field training, and major crimes.  The majority of his career has been spent in homicide.  Cliff has developed a reputation nationwide and internationally for his skill in the interview room.  He has been featured on the Biography Channel, A&E and Dateline NBC for his work both in and outside of law enforcement.  Cliff holds a degree in Criminology from Central Christian College.  Cliff teaches and lectures throughout the United States and overseas where his classes have been lauded as "some of the best in law enforcement."  As part of the our team, he has lectured to the Department of Treasury and to members of the State Department, and was invited to address esteemed members of law enforcement from across the globe in Washington DC during the International Homicide Investigators Association hosted and sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.  

Detective Trent Watts

Detective Trent Watts is a regionally recognized expert in the field of police interviewing and interrogation. He has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and has taught interview and interrogation techniques to every level of expertise, from cadets to seasoned investigators. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Police Science from Sam Houston State University and a master peace officer’s certification from the State of Texas. Trent is a much sought-after trainer whose classes receive the highest reviews from his students and who has instructed officers from virtually every agency in the Central Texas region. He has conducted classes for both city and county agencies as well as within his own agency, where he is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and effective investigators in the Austin Police Department. 

Dr. Roger Solomon
PhD. Psychologist, Auburn University

Dr. Solomon is arguably the nation's leading expert in the evaluation and treatment of post critical incident trauma. He has served as the Police Psychologist for the Colorado Springs, CO Police Department, the Washington State Police and is a distinguished member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Psychological Committee. Roger has lectured internationally on critical incident trauma since 1980 and works with groups such as the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and many state and local organizations. He is credited with the creation of the first statewide support network for police employees having created an extensive support and treatment group in Colorado. He has published several articles on the topic in professional journals both in the law enforcement and psychological community. After the much publicized incident in Waco, TX, Dr. Solomon was chosen as the lead mental health professional to provide service to agents involved.

Captain R. G. "Butch" Milan (Ret), M.A. University of Central Oklahoma

Captain Milan brings twenty-five plus years of progressive experience and responsibility in State, County and Federal Law Enforcement to our training staff. Captain Milan retired from the Louisiana State Police where he directed the State Police Narcotic Enforcement Programs. Upon his retirement he served as the Federal Program Manager for the US Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute's Drug Interdiction Assistance Program. He is currently the Executive Director of the National Association of Criminal Interdiction Officers. They nationally recognize Butch for his exceptional accomplishments in the development, application and management of innovative criminal enforcement and drug interdiction programs. He has helped in the development and start-up of drug interdiction programs in twenty-three different states and has served as an expert witness in numerous legal and civil actions involving the topic. He is the recipient of many awards and commendations including the US Drug Enforcement Administration's "Administrator's Award" the highest non-valor award given.



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